What should I expect from you as my immigration lawyer?

Our goal is to resolve your legal problem in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Whether you are applying for a Visa or entry to Canada or the United States, our lawyers are trained to assess your specific legal issues, outline solutions that work, and take the necessary steps to get you, your family, or employees the necessary paperwork for Canadian or US legal status.

What are your legal fees?

Legal fees are always quoted to you in advance. Immigration cases are charged on a flat-fee basis not on an hourly rate so there is no “running tab”. This way you know exactly how much your case will cost with no surprises! We will also outline any additional office disbursement charges as well as applicable government application fees. Our fees are very completive. Since we restrict our practice only to immigration law, our office handles a wide range of cases which allows us to keep our fees reasonable without sacrificing service.

How do you know if you can really help me with my immigration problem?

Before taking you on as a client, we always conduct a comprehensive assessment of your specific situation. This involves listening to you, understanding your background, history, and objectives. Only after getting a clear idea of your unique issues, can we provide you with solutions that will work. And we will tell you whether we can help, what steps must be taken, how long and at what cost.

If I hire you what are the next steps?

After conducting your immigration assessment, all our clients are asked to sign a “Retainer Agreement” that clearly outlines the nature of the case, the legal fees, and other costs as well as our role as your lawyers and what we expect from you as our client.

We will then send you a detailed list of documentation by email guiding you on what is needed for your file. We will also begin gathering the necessary information in order to complete any application forms, legal submissions, or other paperwork necessary. After your file is complete and ready, we send it to you for review and signature. We will then send your application to the immigration authorities on your behalf, ensuring that your file gets into the correct hands and is processed in a timely manner.

Of course, during the application process, we will keep you informed on what’s going on and you can always contact us any time with your questions and concerns. Once your Visa or permit is ready to be issued, we will make sure it’s delivered to you so things go smoothly when you are ready to make the move.

How can you help me if your head office is in Toronto, Canada?

Immigration law is Federal. Our law office has attorneys licensed to practice in both US and Canada immigration law. This means we can represent you no matter where you presently live. We do not practice any law that requires a specific State or Provincial license.

While, all Immigration legal work is conducted at our office in Toronto, Canada, we are totally accessible by phone, email, fax, and video conference. The nature of immigration practice does not require the inconvenience of your physical attendance at our offices.

We represent clients throughout the United States, Canada, and even overseas. Our office is equipped to handle all immigration and visa cases for you regardless of your current location.

However, should the need arise, we can always make arrangements for one of our local licensed lawyers to meet with you in person.

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