How to Obtain a Labour Market Opinion to Work in Ottawa in 2012

For a Canadian employer to bring foreign skilled workers to Canada to work for their company, they will have to apply for a Labour market Opinion, which is also called an LMO. This Labour Market Opinion is clearance from the Canadian government that dictates it is alright for your company to bring foreign skilled workers to Canada instead of hiring Canadians, because you couldn’t find any that were willing or able to do the job you have an opening for. LMO

How to get an LMO

You will need to fill out an application to hire a foreign skilled worker, while indicating that the application form is for pre-approval. You will submit this form to your nearest Service Canada centre that accepts them (not all Service Canada centres offer the same service for deal with the same things) and wait for notification of a positive LMO from the government of Canada.

When you apply for an LMO, you will need to prove several things:

1. That bringing a foreign skilled worker to your company to fill the job opening will benefit the local labour market, create new jobs and bring new skilled and knowledge to Canada.

2. That your working conditions are on par with provincial standards.

3. That the wages you pay are consistent with the prevailing wage for the job in your local job market.

4. That you have done everything you can in order to hire Canadians to fill the job opening. You will need to indicate that you advertised somewhere where they could see it (such as an online website like and that any Canadian applicants that you met with were not qualified for the job, and why.

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