Why Would Someone Be Refused Canadian Citizenship?

Canadian citizenship is a dream that many people who immigrate to Canada have. With Canadian citizenship comes the rights and obligations of all Canadians, including the ability to vote in elections. However, just like any other immigrant application in Canada, Canadian citizenship applications can be denied. There are many reasons one would be denied for Canadian citizenship, some serious and some seemingly frivolous. refusal

1. You are not eligible for Canadian Citizenship. In order to be eligible to Canadian citizenship you must be 18 years of age or older, pass a citizenship test, meet language proficiency requirements and be a permanent resident of Canada. Please note that people who are under the age of 18 and over the age of 54 have slightly different requirements when it comes to being eligible for Canadian citizenship.

2. You do not meet the residency obligation for Canadian citizenship. In order to qualify for Canadian citizenship, you must be a permanent resident of Canada who has been living in Canada (physically present in Canada and are able to prove it) for three of the last four years before you apply for Canadian citizenship.

3. There are other strange reasons for being refused Canadian citizenship, too. For example, last year it was reported that a man was mumbling during the reciting of the oath that is a requirement at the Canadian citizenship ceremony, and he was denied Canadian citizenship! While seemingly frivolous, it’s important to follow instructions and show Canadian immigration officials you take obtaining Canadian citizenship seriously.

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