What is the NOC Skilled Worker Job List

There are many ways to obtain permanent resident status in Canada, one of which is through the Federal Skilled Worker Program. As a result, this program is extremely popular and brings thousands of foreign workers to Canada every single year. Skilled Worker Job List

However, just because the program is popular does not mean it is an easy program to qualify for. In fact, the government of Canada has recently added many new rules to the program, such as increasing the requirement for language proficiency among applicants.

Before you apply to the Federal Skilled Worker Program, you must have work experience in a job found on the NOC job list, or Skilled Worker job list. The NOC list, or National Occupation Classification list, is a specific list used to define and categorize jobs across Canada. This keeps different job titles consistent.

What type of work experience do I need for the Skilled Worker Program?

The specific NOC job list classifications that are relevant to the Skilled Worker Program are Skill Type O, Skill Level A and Skill Level B. These types of jobs include paraprofessional occupations, technical occupations, skilled trades, management occupations, professional occupations and related occupations.

The work experience in these qualifying job types needs to be at least one year, and this year of work experience needs to have taken place within the past ten years.

Once you know you have the right type of work experience and are eligible for the program, you can be assessed for the program based on different criteria such as your education, your age, you experience and your offer of arranged employment in Canada. Your language proficiency is also a big component of your eligibility for the program.

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