What if my Canadian PR is expired in Ottawa in 2012?

Permanent residents in Canada who arrived after 2002 have a permanent resident card, or PR card. This card is an identify document that proves to immigration officials you are a legal permanent resident in Canada and lets you return to Canada if you leave the country.

Every five years, your permanent resident card expires. It must be renewed before it expires so you always have a valid permanent residence card in your possession.

In order to renew your permanent resident card in Canada, you will have to make an Application for a Permanent Resident Card and indicate on the form that you are applying to renew your existing permanent resident card.

Permanent resident card processing times vary, but typically take between two and three months for a permanent resident card renewal. If you know your permanent resident card is about to expire, you should renew it two to three months before it expires.

What if I am outside of Canada?

Many Canadian permanent residents find themselves outside of Canada when their permanent resident cards expire. This can be an issue because you have no way of returning home to Canada. However, if your PR expires while you are outside of Canada you can go to your closest Canadian office and obtain something called a travel document.

To obtain a travel document you will need to prove you have met the residency obligation for Canadian permanent residence and if you are given one, you will be able to return to Canada to renew your card.

We have processed many applications for PR card renewals with great success. If you nee help or have not met the residency requirement, call us! We would be happy to help you.

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