What are the reasons a working visa in Canada would be denied?

If you have submitted a work visa application for Canada only to find out that you have been denied, it can be very frustrating for you. There are several reasons that a working visa for Canada could be denied, but all of these depend on where you are applying from, your own personal situation and what type of work you do.

Reasons your work visa application could be denied

1. You did not have the qualifications for the job you were offered in Canada. There are specific requirements for bringing workers to Canada, and you need to be qualified for the job you were offered. If you cannot provide sufficient evidence of being qualified, you could be denied.

2. You did not include a positive LMO (Labour Market Opinion) with your application. Depending on the type of work visa application and what country you’re from, your employer may need to obtain a labour market opinion before bringing you to Canada. You need to include a copy of the positive LMO with your application.

3. You may have a criminal record or health problem that would make you inadmissible to Canada.

4. You may have made a mistake on your work visa application, or you may have left out a piece of documentation that was necessary for your application to be considered for acceptance.

As you can see, there is a broad list of reasons why your working visa application for Canada would be denied or rejected. Determining the reason your work visa application was denied is the important first step when determining your options. If you do plan to appeal your work visa denial, you only have a limited number of days before doing so! Contact us as soon as possible for an assessment of your situation.

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