Was I denied entry to the US because I’m flagged?

Did you know that recently, the Canadian government and the United States government signed an information sharing agreement? This means that the United States will have access to information about you that is stored in Canadian databases, such as criminal databases or immigration databases. Any previous infractions, like a criminal record, or any other information found on you in these databases can be used against you, resulting in a denial of entry. In a sense, you could be “flagged”. Denied entry to the United States

You can be allowed into the United States one time, and denied entry the next. It is not always consistent, but the border is tightening up as time goes on.

What are my options when denied entry to the United States?

If you are denied entry to the United States or you have a criminal record and are worried about being denied, don’t panic. You do have options, even if you have been denied entry to the United States.

Someone who is inadmissible to the United States could apply for a waiver of inadmissibility, for example. This waiver allows you to enter the United States even though you are inadmissible, although you do have to display it every time you enter the United States.

United States waivers of inadmissibility are not easy to obtain. For example, you will need to provide a significant amount of information to the United States visa officers so they can determine if you really need to be kept out of the country or not. These waiver applications also take several months to process, so you must apply long before you expect to travel to the United States.

We have helped many people who were inadmissible to the United States obtain waivers successfully. Please contact us for assistance – we can help you too!

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