Visit Ottawa in 2013 with a Canadian Visitor Visa

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada and home to a ton of things to see and do at any time of the year. If you have family and friends living in Ottawa or you just want to visit as a tourist to see the sights, you need to check to see if you are required to obtain a visitor visa before you come to CanadaVisitor Visa for Canada

Only certain countries require visas to visit Canada, while other countries are considered visa-exempt. However, the list of countries whose citizens require a visa to come to Canada is a very long one. In addition, it is vital that you speak to a licensed immigration lawyer before you submit an application for a visitor visa to ensure that you avoid being denied due to an error or omission.

How to apply for a visitor visa to Canada

1. Ensure that you meet – and that you can prove that you meet – the eligibility requirements for entering Canada. This applies to everyone who wants to visit Canada whether they need a visa or not. Some of these requirements include having a valid passport or travel document, having strong ties to your home country, having enough financial support for yourself and dependents who are traveling with you as well as being in generally good health.

2. Make an application for a visitor visa for Canada. Along with this application form is a document checklist that explains all of the supporting documentation you’ll need to include with your application, and this can vary depending on your situation.

3. Discuss your application with a qualified immigration representative such as a licensed immigration lawyer before you submit your application. This will assure you that your application is ready to be processed and that there are no mistakes or outstanding documents.

4. Submit your application to the relevant visa office.

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