TN Visa Applications

Are You Canadian and Want A USA Work Visa?

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) contains provisions that enable Canadians to obtain US work visas very quickly and with minimal documentation.

  • Under NAFTA, a Canadian Citizen who has a temporary offer of employment in the United States may qualify for a TN visa.
  • In October 2008, the Bureau of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services increased the initial maximum period of admission for TN Visas from one year to three years.
  • Further, those that want to apply for extensions of their TN Visas can apply for a period of up to three years instead of the previous one year maximum.

Eligibility for a TN Visa

Only Canadian Citizens (and Mexicans) are eligible for a TN visa. Permanent residents or landed immigrants are not eligible.

  • US Job offer should be consistent with your Education
  • US job offer should appear on the NAFTA LIST
  • US job offer should not exceed three years
  • US job offer letter should be properly formatted with all relevant information
  • When you apply, READ and UNDERSTAND all your documentation
  • Your resume should be well organized and complete
  • Employment references should be consistent and relevant
  • Bring a valid Canadian Passport for at least three years
  • Foreign degrees and diplomas should be evaluated as equivalent to Canadian or US Standards

We Can Help You With Your TN Visa Application

All this information about TN Visas can be overwhelming, so let us help you sort out what you need.  Applying correctly requires experience in structuring paperwork the way it should be presented to the immigration officials.  We have even helped many people who incorrectly filled out their applications.

Niren & Associates’ 30 years of combined experience has helped thousands of people successfully process TN Visa applications.

  • Our immigration lawyers have the experience in presenting each application to best represent you and to best increase your chances at getting an approval
  • We have a proven track record in our Ottawa office for handling US and Canadian visa cases and you could become one of our new success stories
  • Our US immigration lawyers are fully licensed and ready to help you right now

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I wanted to send out a hearty thanks to both of you for all your hard work you put into helping me secure my TN visa. It was successful! Thanks to you once more. Thanh W.

Required Documentation for TN Visa:

  • Proof of Canadian Citizenship (Birth Certificate or Passport)
  • Evidence that the intended employment/business activity and the applicant qualify under Chapter 15, Schedule 2 of NAFTA. This means that the applicant is required to provide:
  • A temporary Offer of Employment from a prospective U.S. employer;
  • Copies of relevant educational degrees, diplomas and certificates
  • Letters of reference from previous or current employers confirming your experience in your occupation (if applicable)

Advantages of TN Visas

The most attractive feature of TN Visas over other types of visas is that applicants can obtain TN Visas right at the a U.S./Canadian border or airport. Applicants are required to appear at the border with the necessary documentation.

An immigration official will review the documentation and, if that officer is satisfied that the applicant qualifies for the TN Visa, the visa issued on the spot!

Don’t Be Fooled That TN Visas Are Easy To Get

Your documentation has to be exactly what the immigration officers are looking for or you will be refused.  Let us help you in putting together the best case to represent you.

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We were approved for our TN Visa! A few uncertain moments, as they seemed to be very concerned about our credentials…i.e., proof of degrees, and seemed to think that everything was supposed to be original copies. However, they eventually recognized that the letter was original, and that we had the requisite experience – I think they looked up the visa requirements to make sure. Pat and Doug

TN Visa Occupational Qualifications

In order to qualify for a TN visa, applicants must have a US job offer that is found on a list of occupations on the NAFTA list in Chapter 15, Schedule 2 of NAFTA.

Appendix 1603D.1 to NAFTA (Occupation List)

Medical Professionals :



Medical Laboratory Technologist


Occupational Therapist





Recreational Therapist

Registered Nurse

Scientists :


Animal Breeder

Animal Scientist






Dairy Scientist









Plant Breeder

Poultry Scientist

Soil Scientist


Professionals :



College Teacher

Computer Systems Analyst

Disaster Relief Insurance Adjuster





Graphic Designer

Hotel Manager

Industrial Designer

Interior Designer

Land Surveyor

Lawyer (including Quebec Notary)


Management Consultant

Mathematician / Statistician

Range Manager / Conservationist

Research Assistant (post-secondary)

Scientific Technician / Technologist


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Great news! I came into the position to get a three year TN visa using your help! I want to take this chance to thank you. You’ve supplied help and support from the beginning of the process to the end. I could not have done it without having your help. Thank you for addressing all my last minute phone calls and all counsel that you have given me on my application, that eventually resulted in my success on the TN visa application by overcoming all the obstacles. Josh K.