Things to know when a Canadian applies for a US work visa

So you have a job offer in the United States and you’ve chosen the best kind of visa for your situation. Whether you’ve chosen a TN visa, an L1 visa or any other one of the many United States work visas available, all you need to do now is fill out the paperwork right? Wrong! While your application and supporting documents (qualifications, resume, work information, references, identification etc.) are very important components of the United States work visa application process, there are three additional things that are very important to consider before you apply. Canadians Working in the United States

When applying for a United States work visa

Consideration 1: Have you chosen the right visa? If you haven’t chosen the correct visa, or you make a mistake on your work visa application form that causes your application to be denied, applying again with the proper information or for a different visa can be difficult. Your previously denial will be recorded, and will raise red flags that can affect the outcome of future applications.

Consideration 2: United States work visas are temporary. If immigration officials or visa officers think you’re going to stay in the United States after it expires, they won’t give you one. You need to make an effective case on how you will return to Canada, usually by proving there is a lot waiting for you in Canada like a home, family, a job, investments, etc. You must show documentation of this.

Consideration 3: A licensed immigration lawyer can offer you great guidance and assistance when it comes to choosing the right visa for you, making sure you’re eligible for it, preparing you for interviews and compiling your application package. They are an asset you don’t want to overlook when you are considering something as major as applying for a United States work permit.

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