Temporary Resident Permit Lawyers in Ottawa

Canada has an obligation to keep dangerous people out of the country, and in doing so will deny entry to Canada for many people with criminal records. However, sometimes people who post no threat to Canada or Canadians are caught up in these strict border security measures when they don’t need to be. 

A criminal record for something like a DUI or a drug charge – even if they are decades old – can result in your being denied entry to Canada. This can be very distressing, but please be advised that you do have options.

Applying for a Temporary Resident Permit to Visit Ottawa

Applying for a temporary resident permit is one option you have if you are criminally inadmissible to Canada. This option is best suited for people who are criminally inadmissible to Canada because of a criminal conviction that occurred within the last five years. If your criminal conviction occurred more than five years ago, you could be eligible to apply for criminal rehabilitation to remove your criminal inadmissibility. Talk to your immigration attorney about which option would be best for you.

If you choose to apply for a temporary resident permit, it’s like asking for special permission to enter Canada in advance even though you are criminally inadmissible. Because Canada takes criminal inadmissibility seriously, you will need to provide Canadian immigration authorities with as much information about yourself and your criminal conviction as possible, including reference letters, a personal statement about your offense, information about your job, criminal clearance certificates (from the FBI, state as well as local police), copies of the laws under which you were charged and copies of the court judgements made against you.

Denied Entry to Canada Lawyers in Ottawa

A temporary resident permit may be your only option for entering Canada if you have a criminal history. But don’t make the mistake of believing they are easy to obtain – they are one of the most commonly denied types of Canadian immigration documents. You will need to prove your case effectively if you intend to apply for one, and consulting with a licensed immigration lawyer can be one of the best ways to make sure your application proves to the immigration officer processing your case that you should be given a chance. Contact our immigration law firm at the number on the top of this page to speak with a licensed immigration lawyer today.

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