Renewing Your Permanent Resident Card Outside of Canada

Permanent residents of Canada are expected to hold valid permanent resident cards at all time. Unfortunately, these cards to expire and when they expire you need to be in Canada to renew them properly. But if your card has expired and you were outside of Canada, how do you get back to Canada to renew it? How to renew a permanent resident card outside of Canada

The solution is that you apply for a travel document at your nearest Canadian visa office, which will allow you to return to Canada by car, train, boat or airplane at the border or port of entry.

How to apply for a travel document for permanent residents abroad

1. The application form you need is called the Application for a Travel Document (Permanent Resident Abroad) form IMM 5524. Fill out this form in its entirety without leaving anything blank, and ensure you have read and understand the instructions before you begin.

2. Compile the documents required by the document checklist in the application form. Documents vary from person to person, as someone abroad who was on vacation or visiting family will require different documents than someone who was working outside of Canada for a Canadian company as a permanent resident.

3. Before you submit your application package, have a licensed immigration lawyer review all of your paperwork. This step is very important and can mean the difference between being delayed or denied because of a simple paperwork error and being approved for a travel document.

4. Submit your application to the nearest Canadian visa office abroad.

5. If you are approved for your travel document, pick up your travel document and return to Canada where you can renew your permanent resident card.

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