Renew Your Permanent Resident Card in Ottawa

The Canadian permanent resident card, or PR card, is an important piece of Canadian government identification that permanent residents in Canada are expected to ensure is valid at all times. This is one of the requirements of maintaining your permanent residency status, and you must follow these requirements to keep your permanent resident status in Canada. It is important that as a permanent resident of Canada you understand when to renew your permanent resident card. Renew Your permanent resident Card

When should I renew my permanent resident card?

You need to renew your permanent resident card before it expires, which is something that happens every five years. It is usually a good idea to renew your permanent resident card three months before it is due to expire, although in some cases this may not be enough time. For example, the current permanent resident card renewal processing time is 99 calendar days. This processing time changes weekly, and is also the same processing time for replacement cards and initial cards. Brand new cards for new permanent residents take less time, about 62 calendar days as of January 23, 2013.

It is a good idea to consider the permanent resident card processing times when you are considering when you should renew your current permanent resident card. However, these processing times only happen to be for applications that are able to be processed quickly and easily because they are complete, properly filled out and there are no mistakes or issues with the application package.

To ensure fastest processing of your permanent resident card renewal, replacement or initial card application, please contact our immigration law firm for assistance in creating a flaw-free application package. In addition, if you need your permanent resident card expedited, we can also assist you with that.

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