Prime Minister Harper Praises Immigration and Tweaks Application System

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently emphasized the importance of immigration for the Canadian Economy. This reaffirmation comes as his government is overhauling many aspects of the old immigration application system (from Tim Kelly of

We continue to open our doors to immigration with an emphasis on fine-tuning the system. Many of you here are new Canadians yourselves. Our Canada has always attracted people of energy and vision because this is a place where people from every conceivable background can pursue their dreams and reach their goals. That’s what makes this place so special.

Changes to the application process

Recent changes to the immigrant application process have included increasing the difficulty of the language requirement, restricting eligibility to certain types occupations, and decreasing the applications processed each year. Perhaps because of these changes, immigration from many key countries has actually decreased. According to the Toronto Star‘s Nicholas Keung, applications fell 45%, 51%, and 65% for China, India, and Pakistan, respectively. Since the changes to language policy favour English speaking countries like the US and England, the rates of application from these countries fell less.

What do these changes mean for new applicants?

These trends of tightened requirements and dropping rates of applications could mean a few things. It means an immigrant’s qualifications are much more important than they used to be. If they are skilled at an in-demand occupation they will be more likely to successfully apply, but if they do not meet these stricter requirements, it will be more difficult.

The lower rate of applications also make it slightly easier for candidates to be successful, since there is less competition. The only catch is, it will be harder for an candidate to show that they are qualified. If the application process is done right, with the help of an immigration lawyer, the chances of an immigrant being accepted into Canada are much higher.


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