Ottawa Border Immigration Lawyer

Approximately 300,000 people cross the US-Canada border by car every day. There are one hundred border crossing points and millions of people cross the border every single year. While most people just show their passport, answer a couple of questions and head on through, some people don’t have it as easy. Border Immigration Lawyer

Every day, people have trouble crossing the border. Whether they are traveling to Canada or the United States, there are many reasons why someone would be denied entry to either country.

These issues can include having a medical problem, having a criminal record, having previous immigration or visa issues or even something is difficult to get around as the border officer suspecting you will not leave the country at the end of your trip.

Border immigration lawyers serving Ottawa and the surrounding areas

Whatever your reasons for being denied entry to the United States or Canada, a licensed immigration lawyer can help you sort out your options. In some cases, you may need to prepare in advance of your trip by applying for the proper visa, obtaining supporting documents that will help you demonstrate your case to border officials, or by obtaining certain documents that will allow you into the country even though you are inadmissible, such as as waivers in the case of being inadmissible to the United States, or a temporary resident permit in the case of being denied entry to Canada.

You may also be eligible to apply for criminal rehabilitation to enter Canada, but this – like the US waiver application process – takes several months and needs to be done in advance.

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