How to Renew Your PR Card in Ottawa

A permanent resident in Canada, as a part of maintaining their permanent resident status, is obligated to renew their permanent resident card (sometimes called a PR card) when it expires. These cards are an official form of Canadian government identification and they expire every five years. 

Renewing your permanent resident card doesn’t just involve filling out some paperwork. You also need to demonstrate how you have met the residency requirement and that you are eligible for permanent resident status in Canada. The residency requirement, is spending 730 days out of this five year period within Canada, and you will need to demonstrate this with proof.

How to renew your permanent resident card

1. Get the application for a permanent resident card and fill it out, while indicating that it is for a renewal by checking the appropriate box.

2. Read the document checklist to ensure that you have compiled and included all of the necessary pieces of supporting documentation in your application. If you miss something, your application could be returned to you.

3. Pay the processing fee, while also including the receipt for this payment in your application package.

4. Contact an immigration lawyer to review your application package and to check your supporting documentation so that you know everything is ready to go. If you’ve made a mistake or missed something, they can help you correct this before it is sent off.

5. Mail your application.

If you have not met the residency requirement or are facing any other kind of unusual circumstance that you think will affect your permanent residency card renewal application, please contact us as soon as possible – don’t wait for your application to be returned to you or denied. We can help you!

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