How to Renew Your Permanent Resident Card In Ottawa

Did you know that your permanent resident card, or PR card, expires every five years? When this happens, you are required to renew it. To ensure you are adequately prepared to renew your card and that the process goes smoothly, read on! 

The current processing time for permanent resident cards in Canada is 93 calendar days, meaning you should apply to renew your card at least this long before the expiry date. Renewing your permanent resident card means filling out an application form and creating an application package that must be submitted to the case processing centre.

Procedure for renewing a Permanent Resident Card in Ottawa

Someone who is renewing their permanent resident card will have to:

1. Completely fill out an Application for a Permanent Resident Card and indicate that this card is for a renewal by checking the appropriate box. Follow the instructions and make sure you understand them before you begin. ??2. You will find a document checklist with the application form, which lists all of the supporting documentation you are required to provide in your application package. If you cannot provide something as required, compose a cover letter to explain to the visa officers why this is not possible.

3. You must pay a processing fee for your PR card renewal application, and you must include the receipt in your application package.
4. Have your application and supporting documentation reviewed by an immigration lawyer so you know that everything is ready to go and you are indeed eligible to renew your card. ??5. Mail your application to the case processing centre.

Permanent Resident Card lawyers serving Ottawa

Before you submit your application to renew your permanent resident card, make sure you speak with a licensed immigration lawyer. While the process may seem straight forward, you will run into very serious issues if you have not met the residency requirement for permanent resident status or you make an error or omission on your application.

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