How do I get an H1B Visa for Canadians

The H1B work visa is a United States work visa, and one of many different types of United States work visas. This is a very specific type of United States work visa, for workers who have been offered a job in the United States. This job must be in an occupation that is considered to be a “specialty” occupation, which generally requires a very high level of education and means that not just anyone can do these jobs. H1B Visa for the United States

This also means that your employer can’t just “happen” to require such a high level of education or skill for the job – anyone who offers this job must have similar requirements, and they need to be a general requirement of the job across the board.

Applying for an H1B work visa

While none of the United States work visas are easy to get, the H1B work visa is particularly complicated. This is because the application has four different components.

First, the employer must file a prevailing wage determination that demonstrates that they will be paying the prevailing wage in the geographical location for that occupation.

Secondly, the employer must file an attestation with the Department of Labour. This attestation assures the Department of Labour that the company will pay the prevailing wage, that there are no strikes or other issues that would affect the availability of the work, and discusses the number of foreign workers the employer has hired in the past.

Thirdly, the employer needs to file their own petition on your behalf for an H1B visa. After this, you need to file you own application for the visa, and the processing times for the entire application package can range from nine to 14 weeks depending on the location.

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