Are HIV Positive People Given Canadian Visas in 2012?


Having certain medical conditions can interfere with your ability to obtain a Canadian visa or immigrate to Canada. HIV is no exception. However, just because you are HIV positive does not mean you will never be allowed to obtain a Canadian visa. HIV immigration

What is medical inadmissibility?

Medical inadmissibility to Canada means that you would normally not be allowed to enter Canada because you pose a risk to the public or social services because of your medical condition or health problem.

For someone to be inadmissible to Canada on health grounds, their health condition is:

– reasonably expected to cause excessive demand on health or social services.
– could be a danger to public safety.
– could be a danger to public health.

People who have HIV rarely fall into the latter two categories unless they engage in risky behaviour or don’t listen to health authorities.
While some cases of HIV can meet the above criteria, not all do. Every HIV case is different with regards to its severity, risk and cost of treatment.

For example, “excessive demand” on public health services means that your medical costs would be more than $15,000 over the next five years. If you can prove that your treatments do not cost this much, you may be able to obtain a Canadian visa.

Family Class Immigration with HIV

If you have HIV, you could be sponsored to Canada by a Canadian citizen as long as you are that Canadian citizen’s spouse, child or common-law partner.

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