Five Types of United States Work Visas

If you want to work in the United States, there are plenty of United States work visas to choose from. In fact, Canadians are applying for United States work visas and work permits in record numbers, and if you do it property you could soon count yourself among them. However, obtaining a United States work visa is not easy and you will need to ensure you choose the right visa for your situation. Types of United States Work Visas

Which type of United States work visa is right for me?

E2 Work Visa: This visa is for investors who can make a substantial investment in a United States business. These investors must be from a country that has a treaty signed with the United States and must invest in an active business, and there is also an E1 visa for traders.

L1 Work Visa: This visa is a different type of United States work visa that is meant for foreign workers who are being transferred to the United States by their employer, which must be a foreign company.

H1B Work Visa: The H1B Work Visa is for specialty occupations only, which are jobs that have a strict requirement when it comes to the skills and education of the worker. This is a capped visa.

H2B Work Visa: The H2B visa is similar to the H1B work visa, but is not for super highly skilled jobs, and the work for these jobs is generally seasonal or temporary but is not agricultural.

TN Work Visa: The TN Visa is exclusively for Canadian citizens and citizens of Mexico who work in specific job categories under the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). They generally require extremely high levels of education for these jobs, such as doctors and lawyers.

Each of these United States work visas has requirements that must be followed to the letter in order for the applicant to be considered eligible and to be approved for one. If you apply for a United States work visa improperly and are refused, you could set yourself up for failure when it comes to your future applications.

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