Five Steps For Making Your Immigration Application Stand Out

When you apply for a Canadian visa or to immigrate to Canada, you need to make sure that your immigration application is exactly what visa officers are looking for. This makes it easier for the immigration officer to read your application and determine that you are eligible to Canada. While immigration is not all about paperwork, paperwork is an important part of the process and you need to make sure your immigration application stands out. Make Your Immigration Application Stand Out

How to fill out your immigration application properly

Step 1: Before you submit your application package, make sure that you have a licensed immigration lawyer review your application package. No matter how many times you check and double check something you’ve filled out or written, you can still miss small things. A fresh pair of expert eyes can catch any errors and make sure your application is ready to go.

Step 2: Ensure you understand all of the instructions that are a part of your application. If you don’t understand something, speak with a licensed immigration lawyer for help clarifying things.

Step 3: Never leave a blank space on an immigration application. If you leave a blank space, the immigration officer who processes your application might think you’ve missed something. Write “not applicable” if something does not apply to you.

Step 4: Just like you can’t leave a blank space on your immigration application, you can’t just leave something out of your application package, either. What you can do if you need to leave something out is draw up a brief cover letter that explains the situation to the visa officer.

Step 5: Retain copies of all of the components of your application package, even the courier slip and envelope. Mistakes can happen, and you might need proof you sent your application.

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