Five Questions You Should Ask an Immigration Lawyer

When you are determining whether to hire an immigration lawyer, you may have many different lawyers to choose from. How do you determine which of these lawyers is the best one for you? In most cases, you might meet with more than one of them for them to assess your case or answer some of the questions you might have. It helps to have your own questions for them, too. Questions to Ask an immigration lawyer

Questions to ask your immigration lawyer

Question 1: Have you ever dealt with my situation before? Even if your situation is unique and complicated, an immigration lawyer may have had experience with it before. You will want to make sure that they can handle your immigration case before you hire them.

Question 2: How often will you contact me? You shouldn’t feel like you’ve been forgotten about even though immigration applications can take a long time to process. Ask your immigration lawyer how often he or she intends to contact you to update you, and how soon you can expect your phone calls and emails to be answered.

Question 3: What are your fees? These don’t have to be and shouldn’t be a mystery. Find out in advance what you will be paying, and your immigration lawyer should clearly lay this all out for you.

Question 4: Will my case be a success? You should always ask an immigration lawyer what they expect the outcome of your immigration case to be, but don’t expect a 100% guarantee. Your lawyer can make an educated estimate on what the likely outcome will be, but should never guarantee anything.

Question 5: Do you have any testimonials I can see? An immigration lawyer with many previous happy clients should have some testimonials or thank you letters they can show you.

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