Do I Really Need an Ottawa Immigration Lawyer?

Many people assume that immigration applications or dealing with immigration situations in Canada are easy to deal with on their own, and assume that these government applications are the same as any other government application. Applying for Canadian Citizenship

However, this is not the case. The immigration system is not designed to be user-friendly, and the process can be quite complicated and time consuming. It’s not like any other government application form, because it is a huge life step and you can find yourself in trouble with a denied or seriously delayed application if a mistake is made.

Why an immigration lawyer?

Because immigration applications, the immigration process and all immigration cases are complex but different, and immigration lawyer can be your best form of assistance and expert guidance when you want to immigrate to, live in, visit, work in or study anywhere in Canada, including in Ottawa.

Some applicants may have difficult cases or obstacles in their way, such as previous immigration problems or criminal records that can make the process harder for them than for other people. In these cases and many others, an immigration lawyer can help you in more ways than an immigration consultant.

An immigration lawyer differs greatly from an immigration consultant, although the services both of these professionals provide can overlap. However, an immigration lawyer can offer you much more than an immigration consultant alone, including legal advice. If an immigration consultant were to offer you legal advice, that would be illegal because they are not a lawyer. Immigration lawyers are also better regulated than immigration consultants and can offer a wider range of services.

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