Canadian Permanent Resident Categories

Immigrating to Canada and becoming a permanent resident is a dream for many different people. Permanent residents in Canada receive many benefits, such as being able to travel abroad and return to Canada with ease as often as they like, as well as live or work wherever in Canada while enjoying many of the perks available to most Canadians. 

But it is not easy to become a permanent resident in Canada, and it can be a very complicated and sometimes time-consuming process that takes several months or years. If you want to become a permanent resident in Canada, a licensed immigration lawyer can help you determine what immigration stream is best for you and your current situation.

Immigration Streams for permanent residence in Canada

1. Spousal Sponsorship: Through the Family Class immigration stream, citizens or permanent residents can sponsor their spouses or other close family members for permanent residency in Canada. However, they must be able to financially support the persons they sponsor.??2. Skilled Workers: Through a combination of their own language abilities, education levels, work experience and other factors, skilled workers can apply to immigrate to Canada as permanent residents. ??3. Business Immigration: There’s a couple of business streams available for immigrants who wish to apply for permanent residency, including investor immigration and self-employed immigration.??4. Canadian Experience Class: People in Canada on temporary visas (like a student visa or a work permit) can apply for permanent residency if they meet several specific requirements.

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