Can I Maintain My Canadian Permanent Residency While Living Abroad?

Canadian permanent residency comes with many benefits, such as being able to live and work anywhere in Canada and being able to leave and re-enter Canada as you wish. However, there are still some requirements for maintaining your permanent resident status in Canadatravel abroad

Residency obligations for permanent residency status in Canada

To maintain your permanent residency status in Canada, you must remain in Canada (be physically present in Canada) for two years or 730 days out of every five years. This means you can only be outside of Canada for three years total within this five year time frame.

If you cannot maintain this permanent residency resident obligation, you may be able to make humanitarian and compassionate arguments as to why you could not meet the residency requirement for permanent status in Canada. However, living abroad is not a sufficient reason to not maintain permanent resident status.

Can I live abroad as a Canadian permanent resident?

You can live abroad as a Canadian permanent resident if you wish, but you must also meet your residency obligation at the same time. So as long as you are outside of Canada for no more than three years during every five year period (a total of 1095 days), you can maintain your permanent resident status.

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