Need Help With a Temporary Residence Visa for Canada?

Temporary Residence in Canada Status refers to people who wish to come to Canada to visit, work or study. They are coming to Canada for a temporary period and are considered visitors. Visitors require Visitor Visas, unless they are citizens of visa exempt countries.

People wishing to work in Canada temporarily are, in most cases, required to apply for Work Permits. If they wish to study in Canada, then they must apply for a Study permit.

Applying properly and knowing if you crossed all your ‘T’s and dotted all your ‘I’s can be the difference between being denied or approved.  Niren & Associates can help you today in this area of Canadian immigration.

Three main categories for Temporary Status are:

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Whether you wish to visit, study or work in Canada you must satisfy a visa officer that your intention in coming to Canada is temporary and that you will leave upon the expiry of your visitor status.

In many cases, this means that you should show sufficient ties to your home country and that you are able to financially support yourself during your visit.

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