Canadian Green Card for Ottawa

Someone who moves to Canada to permanently live here is called a permanent resident. These legal permanent residents have a permanent resident card, which is sometimes called the Canadian green card. The permanent resident card serves the same purpose as the United States green card, which is why many people refer to them as Canadian green cards. Canadian Green Card

Like the United States green card, the Canadian green card is not overly easy to obtain and applicants will have to choose one of many different categories available for the card. These categories include:

Canadian permanent resident categories

Category 1: Under the Family Class Immigration program, applicants can have their spouses or close family members who are themselves permanent residents of Canada or Canadian citizens can sponsor you if they meet several specific requirements.

Category 2: The Federal Skilled Worker Program offers foreign workers the change to apply for permanent status in Canada on their own credentials or experience. This is based on a points system that the applicant passes or fails.

Category 3: There are different business and investor immigration categories for people who are self-employed or can create jobs and people who are able to invest a certain amount of money in Canada.

Category 4: People who are working temporarily in Canada or who are studying in Canada could be eligible to use their experience in Canada as an advantage and apply for permanent residency under the Canadian Experience Class.

Each of these Canadian permanent resident categories requires several important components that need to be met exactly – without meeting the requirements, you will not be considered eligible for a Canadian green card or permanent resident card. There are other categories as well that can be considered.

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