Canadian and US Immigration Lawyers in Ottawa

Unfortunately, the immigration process is not set up to be easy. It can be a difficult maze of paperwork, supporting documentation and back-and-forth between various government agencies who do not have your best interests at heart. permanent residence in Ottawa

Processing times for immigration applications in both countries are often very lengthy, and a single mistake can end up denying or delaying your application – causing you to go through all of that time and effort all over again. Avoid this by making sure you get it right the first time – we can help you with your immigration application package, your immigration interviews and your entire immigration case no matter how unique or difficult you think it may be. We offer many different services and unlike other immigration representatives, we don’t just help you fill out some paperwork and send you on your way. You are a valued client – not just another number.

About our immigration law firm

We are an immigration law firm that has been in business since 1997, helping thousands of people immigrate to the United States and Canada on a permanent or temporary basis.

We genuinely want to see you succeed in the immigration process and achieve whatever goals you have established for yourself. Whether you are reuniting with your family in the United States or Canada, you’ve found your dream job in the United States or Canada, you want to visit a new country or you want to study internationally, we can help you achieve these goals.

If you only set yourself up for success, you’re already on your way! Contact our immigration law firm for assistance with your application at any time and we can help you.

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