Can you apply for an H1B visa for the US in 2013?

If you’re a Canadian citizen who is looking to work in the United States, the H1B work visa may be a great option for you. However, it needs to be noted that these visas have a quota, which means there are only a specific number of them granted each year. Acceptance of H1B work visas for 2013 began in 2012 and is now closed. However, the application acceptance date for 2014 is fast approaching and you could start work as early as October 2013 if you are approved. H1B work visa applications for 2014

The H1B work visa is a specialty occupation visa, which means that applicants for this visa must meet very strict specifications such as working in a specialty occupation that requires a certain level of education and skill. If you think you meet the criteria, read on:

Applications for H1B visas in 2014 accepted starting April 1, 2013

The United States immigration department will begin accepting applications for the H1B work visa for 2014 starting on April 1st, 2013, with the earliest work start date being October 1st, 2013.

Applicants need to be aware that there is a certain time, place and method of applying for this type of visa, and it’s vital that you meet the requirements exactly. Your application must be properly prepared, because if it is not you could risk a delay in your application’s processing. Unfortunately, due to the quota and the highly competitive nature of this visa application a delay in processing could result in your being denied, and having to wait until the next year to apply.

We have helped many Canadians and other foreign nationals apply for the H1B work visa and other work visas for the United States, and we can help you too. Please contact us for assistance!

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