Can I go back to Canada if I have been deported?

If you have been deported from Canada or you are currently under a removal order, it can be unclear as to whether you may or may not ever return to Canada again. Deportation is essentially a permanent decision, but that does not mean you are without options. Canada Removal Orders

First, you need to understand what kind of removal order was against you when you left Canada. Was it a Departure Order, an Exclusion Order or a Deportation Order?

Types of removal orders in Canada

There are three different types of removal orders, and each one has a different limit on when you can return to Canada.

Removal order 1: A departure order requires you to leave Canada within 30 days and inform a Canadian immigration officer at your port of exit that you’re leaving. You can return to Canada after you leave.

Removal order 2: An exclusion order requires that you leave Canada and do not return for 12 months. You must wait this one-year period before you can return to Canada.

Removal order 3: A deportation order is the most serious and significant of the removal orders, and to return to Canada you must apply for Authorization to Return to Canada. This form is necessary to return to Canada after being issued a deportation order, which is normally permanent.

Note that just because you can return to Canada does not mean that you will be allowed back in. There are a number of things that will be taken into consideration when determining if you can re-enter the country or not.

If you have been issued a removal order, speak with a licensed immigration lawyer to determine your options for returning to Canada or fighting your removal order as soon as possible.

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