Business Visitor Visa For Business Meetings in Ottawa

As the capital city of Canada, Ottawa is an important destination for international business. As such, many people visit Ottawa every year for business meetings and conventions that are integral to their business relations internationally. Some of these visitors are required to obtain a business visitor visa before they are able to attend their business meetings, and this is not the same as obtaining a work permit or a visitor visa. 

Obtain a business visitor visa for Ottawa

The first step to obtaining a business visitor visa in Canada is making sure that the reason you want to go to Canada suits a business visitor visa. Acceptable reasons include attending a convention, attending a conference, attending a business meeting, dealing with an after sales agreement, buying goods or attending product and sales training. If you are going to engaging in one of these activities or something similar, you will also have to determine if you are qualified. The two main qualifications for a business visitor visa are being admissible to Canada (not having a criminal record or health problem that would render you inadmissible) as well as being employed full-time outside of Canada.

When you do apply for a business visitor visa, you must provide information such as a letter from your employer that explains your job and why you’ll be visiting Canada, your resume that explains your qualifications, a copy of your invitation to Canada if applicable, a copy of your passport data page as well as proof of your ties to your home country that indicate you will return home when your trip is over.

Canadian business visitor visa lawyers in Ottawa

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